Storybooks for data visualization - telling a story with data

EXPERT STORYBOOKS are guided analytics templates in WA that target specific business problems.
An author creates an Expert storybook which then guides the user by selecting the right analyses, questions and visualizations for a business problem, focuses the user on the most pertinent information ans then helps the user interpret results to arrive at insights. The user simply brings their own data to get insights for their specific situation.
Expert Storybooks help you tell a story about your data.
The storybooks are co-created by the experts in the field and the end consumer to provide real value.
There is the potential to tackle a wide range of business problems with these storybooks. The possibilities are endless.
Each storybook focuses in on one topic so you can get relevant insight. Users can connect their own data to get insights.
These storybooks help the user interpret their data and bring insights to the surface in plain english.