Horizon Scanning

HORIZON SCANNING is a structured approach for learning about the broader external environment—the context in which an organization operates. Is it commonly used in foresight or ‘futures’ projects.  This research focused on three major industries: healthcare, finance and marketing. The timeframe for this research was 2018-2021.
Image 1: above
The research uncovered 52 signals which together made up 32 trends.  We identified 5 major shifts and 4 cross industry trends. 3 of 5 shifts are shown above.
Image 2: below
Below shows a number of trends that appear in more than one shift. We also looked at cross-industry trends which helped us to identify which trends should influence our strategy going forward.
Furture information
We looked at case studies and use cases as a part of this research.  Please get in touch if you would like to know more about this or about the framework I used for this research.