Product & Service Ecosystems

The purpose of this research was to get a better understanding of the product and service ecosystem at IBM as it relates to business analytics. It is a large portfolio, so naturally - it is complex.  I started by identifying the products in the BA ecosystem and by gathering the following information about each one (template below): Differentiators - what features differentiate this product from other products on the market? Value proposition - what value does this product claim to offer? Capabilities - what can this product do? The final result demonstrated the relationships among 9 main products and 10 complementary solutions or add-ons.  I’ve also created a visual which explains which products are differentiating themselves in the business analytics space. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about it.
This work has proven useful to my team. Everyone now has a shared understanding of the system where the entire team can see it. Phase 2 of the project involves incorporating the services which support these products.  “Ecosystem is a great term. It builds on the concept ‘product family’ and immediately draws in so many elements that a designer needs to consider if they are to have impact not just on a client’s product but on their business.”