Welfare Italia Service Design

Welfare Italia is a healthcare provider. Typically patients go there for follow up treatment after they have left the hospital. After doing some contextual research on-site we discovered that many patients have a tendency to feel shy when speaking with their doctor. As a result they will often leave out important issues or details because they are not comfortable speaking about them. This is especially prevalent in Gynecology.  The photos below show some other pain points including - a tall desk which seperates the receptionist from the patients and the large sign which blocks the pamphlets. It seemed that patients often came across subtle barriers like these ones.
We developed a number of pamphlets (one for each type of treatment) that are used to facilitate a discussion between the patient and doctor. The patients are encouraged to write down any concerns or questions they may have on these pamphlets. This helps them communicate these issues to the doctor with less embarassement which is currently keeping them from communicating them at all.  A second concept is a ‘GuidAmico’ which turns the role of the receptionist into something much more personal. Below is a condensed example of a pamphlet. Also below shows a scenario describing the role of the ‘GuidAmico’.
Welfare italia was interested in our solution and hopes to improve their service using these ideas going forward.